15" Wood Pant Hanger with Clips - Clear Varnish

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15" Wood Pant Hanger with Clips (100 per box)

  • Dimensions: 15" length, 1/2" thick
  • Available only in natural wood with clear varnish
  • Chrome hardware
  • Flat hanger
  • Chrome metal clips included
High in quality and durable, our 15" wood pant hangers can easily and economically upgrade your retail store's clothing display, or even your personal closet. The light natural wood color and flat design will seamlessly enhance the apparel on your racks or, if you're going to use them for your own closet, modernize your private wardrobe collection. The chrome metal clips provide extra strength and durability, and it can also hang skirts, topless dresses and tops!

This set is sold in cases of 100. Cannot be sold individually.

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