3-Step Acrylic Stairway Riser 9"H


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3-Step Frosted Acrylic Stairway Riser

  • Dimensions: 6" wide x 9" high x 9" deep, 1/8" thick
  • Each step measures 3" high x 3" deep
  • Available colors: frosted acrylic (matte)
  • Made of acrylic multipolymer material
  • Durable and economical
Acrylic stairway risers are a smart and effective approach to merchandising small products like action figures, dolls, jewelry, cosmetics, vapor products, etc. The matte-like finish will lend to your displaying efforts and allow your products to really shine. Use the stairs to your full benefit and highlight each item on various levels to intrigue customers and encourage them to make a purchase.

Minimal assembly required. Back acrylic legs and screws are included.

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