4-Way Slatwall Pinwheel Merchandiser

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4-way Slatwall Pinwheel Merchandiser

  • Dimensions: 54" high x 36" wide x 36" deep, with 6" high base
  • Available colors: black, white, maple
  • Durable melamine finish
  • Slatwall accessories sold separately
Create a convenient and stunning display with these 4-way slatwall pinwheel merchandisers. Instantly attract shoppers form all angles of your store with shoppable four-panels of slatwall. And with a sleek melamine finish, this 4-way slatwall pinwheel merchandiser will provide a visually appealing backdrop for your merchandise.

Knockdown display. Easy to assemble. Can only be shipped via truck.

Accessorize your display merchandiser through our wide selection of brackets, faceouts, waterfalls and slatwall shelves. Shop here: Slatwall Accessories

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