5 Sided Acrylic Cube - 18"


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5-Sided Acrylic Cube Display (18")

  • Dimensions: 18" high x 18" wide x 18" deep, 3/16" thick
  • Available colors: clear acrylic
  • Made of acrylic multipolymer material
  • Durable and economical
As our largest size acrylic cube, the 18 inch 5-sided acrylic cube display can showcase a variety of products, from small to large or lightweight to heavy-duty. Your merchandising options with acrylic cubes are endless. Feel free to mix and match sizes or build, stack or group cubes together for an aesthetically pleasing merchandise display your customers will want to shop. Have these acrylic cubes market your product for you.

Ideal for countertops, tables, shelves showcases and floors, these polished acrylic cubes are durable, attractive, cost-efficient and can highlight any type of merchandise.