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2-Way Floor Fixture

2-way floor fixture

Included with the 2-way floor Fixture:

Ovals Unit

dwcbp55-0 (DW54242) Low Post/Panel Two-Way Unit on base with casters, 2’-8” long x 2’-8” wide x 4’-7” high. Stardust silver frame with frosted acrylic panel/frosted ovals.

Metal Unit

DWCBP55-P Stardust silver frame base with perforated metal center panel.


2 panel cart with ovals

Frosted Acrylic

2 panel cart with metal

Perforated Metal

Optional Accessories for the 2-Way Floor Fixture:

bullnose shelves

DW11CW70   24” wide x 12” for hard goods.
Solid stardust silver with matching bullnose.

Accessory rail

DW12C707   24” Rail

Hook for Perforated Panel

DW849 4” Hook,   DW850 6” Hook,   DW851A 8” Hook

Hook for Accessory Rail

DW12C849 4” Hook,  DW12C850 6” Hook,   DW12C851 8” Hook

faceout for soft goods

DW12C840   12” Straight Arm

DW12C846   12” Slanted Waterfall

Sign Frame

DW20C109   23” wide x 8” high