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Wall Display: Toyota "Accessories" METAL

Wall with perffed metal
The perforated metal panels of the Accessories line work well with all cars and SUVs,
but especially well with the FJ Cruiser, the Tunndra, and the Scion.


Perfect for merchandising and displaying all types of hard goods, soft goods and carded merchandise. Works as a focal wall when using with slatwall.

Available in the frosted acrylic Lifestyle panels as well as the perforated metal of the Toyota Accessories line.


Included with the Accessories Wall:

DWCSP90-P (DW9672WU) - Each Accessories wall display is 6’-6” wide and x 8’8” high and includes: (4) Four uprights, 8’-8” high. (also available 84” high); (6) 1/2” diameter framed perforated metal panels. Metal is stardust silver to match Image USA II colors.


Optional Accessories for the Accessories Wall:


DWSIGNFAC   6’-6”L x 6-1/2”D x 12”H, with interchangeable clear overlay with ½” dimensional letters.



DWSWHPL  4’x8’ High Pressure Laminate Slatwall, 4”
on-center with Aluminum Inserts.
DWFACIA   Facia to accent slatwall.

DWWPB   Wall Platform Base with Toe Kick.
DWWHEEL  Wheel stand for shelf 12” x 12” Aluminum.


bullnose shelves

DW11CW70   24” wide x 12” for hard goods.
Solid stardust silver with matching bullnose.

Accessory rail

DW12C707   24” Rail

Hook for Perforated Panel

DW849 4” Hook,   DW850 6” Hook,   DW851A 8” Hook

Hook for Accessory Rail

DW12C849 4” Hook,  DW12C850 6” Hook,   DW12C851 8” Hook

faceout for soft goods

DW12C840   12” Straight Arm for Rail

DW12C846   12” Slanted Waterfall for Rail


DW224SCL - 24”W x 12”D, 2 glass shelves