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Wheel Display and signage

Wheel Display



Three tier wheel display

DW3TWD   8’ tall x 24” wide x 19” deep. Fits up to 22” rims.

Toyota header and wheel descriptions are optional.


Wheel Display Stand Accessories:

DWTASIGN   Toyota Accessory- Header Sign

DWTSIGN-16TRD6   16” TRD 6-Spoke

DWTSIGN-1615   16” 15-Spoke Liquid Metal

DWTSIGN-18TRD10   18” TRD 10-Spoke

DWTSIGN-155   15” Flared 5-Spoke

DWTSIGN-BSS5   16” Bright Silver 5-Spoke

DWTSIGN-16BAJA   16” Baja

DWTSIGN-18TRD5   18” TRD 5-Spoke

DWTSIGN-15EM7   15” EM 7-Spoke

dWTSIGN-OVAL   1- Lifestyle Ovals panel