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Most customers fall into one of two categories. They’re “do-it-yourselfers,” in search of a specific part or accessory, or impulse buyers, who browse your retail display while waiting for their car to be serviced. Both customers represent an opportunity to boost Toyota Parts Center sales, but you only have a few seconds to entice them to spend and keep browsing.

A logical and visually appealing merchandising display can grab their attention, and help ensure that they leave with purchases in hand.

“When it comes to retail merchandising, today’s consumers have high expectations,” says Carrie Townsend, Sales and Marketing Program Administrator, TMS, U.S.A., Inc. “They want to see more than displays with products. You need to set the mood and create desire within the customer.”


Do-it-yourself customers want technical information that’s easy to understand, such as “how to” and key product brochures. They also like to see products displayed in logical groupings and categories that are easy to find.


Impulse shoppers are more sensitive to the environment, aesthetics and effective displays. They are often receptive to an approach called “Lifestyle Merchandising,” which presents products in a way that turns them into “must-have” items. In Lifestyle Merchandising, diverse products—such as apparel, accessories and other items that reflect the same theme—are displayed together in a setting. Theme-oriented displays such as Car Care Month, Road Trips, Fishing, Golfing, Camping or Back to School work particularly well in highly visible areas of the store.“

Effective visual merchandising works best with fixtures that are flexible and present merchandise in a way that customers can interact with it,” says Display Warehouse, a retail fixture supplier.



A binder containing the “TPC Retail Merchandising Guide” is being sent to all Certified Toyota Parts Centers as a benefit of their enrollment in the TPC Program. However, all dealers can access a Web-based version via Toyota’s Dealer Daily.


The Toyota Parts Center Retail Merchandising Guide can help you make the most of your TPC. The guide includes detailed merchandising tips, photos of merchandising displays and Plan-O-Grams with detailed floor plans showing you exactly how to create eye-catching displays for Toyota-logo apparel, accessories, maintenance products, TRD products and more.


“The Retail Merchandising Guide includes everything that a Toyota retail parts area needs to successfully display and sell, ”says Steve Reynolds, Sales and Marketing Programs Manager, TMS, U.S.A., Inc. “We enhanced the Plan-O-Grams for Toyota logo items like apparel and golf balls, and for branded accessories such as spoilers, running boards, light kits and tire valve covers—all the things that Toyota owners want to customize their vehicles. And, for the first time, we’ve included plans for stocking and displaying Toyota Racing Division (TRD) products.”


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Display Warehouse has been behind the design and construction of some of the most successful Toyota showrooms in the United States. Employed by many of the major dealers, Display Warehouse maintains a strong tradition of excellence in design with cutting-edge expertise, and talented, visionary staff. Display Warehouse offers full drafting and design services capable of taking a project from initial concept and product design, through development, testing and prototype build, as well as production and production support. This gives Display Warehouse a highly respected premium position as the approved Toyota Merchandising vendor.


plan detail

1) First we research extensively to find out your specific needs.

2) Overall floor plans are worked out taking into account traffic flow, signage aesthetic and technical requirements.


3) Fixture and color details are specified- down to the finish on the sign frames.


sample board











4) You are given step-by-step appraisals of the process with a detail board created just for you.

5) Production begins with custom care and craftmanship.

6) Installation is efficiently handled at your site on your timeframe.


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