OPTO Low Gondola Unit Center Panel


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OPTO Low Gondola Unit with Center Panels

  • 4-4"L x 2'-2"W x 4'-7"H
Finish Options Shown
  • Stardust Silver Frame
  • Round Hole Perforated Metal Center Panels
  • Alderwood Laminated End Panels
  • Ring
  • Industrial Casters
Price Includes Additional Items Shown

  • (1) 48"L x 7"H Stem Folded Acrylic Sign Holder (4" Stems)
  • (3) Stem Location Hole in Tubing 
  • (2) 48"W Accessory Rail 
  • (8) 12"W x 12"D Bin for Rail 
  • (4) 24"W x 15"D Integral Bullnose Shelf