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Slatwall Panels

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Slatwall Panel BoardsSlatwall Panels

A popular store fixture wall display paneling product, slatwall panels have been utilized in the retail industry for years. Mostly manufactured from MDF and particle board and often painted, laminated or digitally printed on, our vast selection of high quality slatwall panels (paint grade, low or high pressure laminate, natural wood veneer slatwall panels, etc.) can be tailored to your specific retail space and decor.

Our slatwall panels are capable of different load capacities and come in a variety of finishes to complete your design, including brushed aluminum, maple, white, cherry, black, grey and paint-ready.

Display Warehouse panels can be cut and sized to fit your wall area. We can also assist you to determine the number of slatwall panels needed to complete your project and which slatwall finish will best suit your retail display needs. Just give us a call at 1-800-842-5501 with your store layout and dimensions and one of our design consultants will be happy to help.