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Gridwall Panels

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Gridwall Panels for Retail Stores

Display Warehouse is your gridwall panel and grid hardware store supply warehouse! We have a great selection of gridwall panels in various sizes, gridwall hooks, grid shelving, gridwall acrylic, slatgrid panels, and so much more!

Gridwall Panels are a great way to create stand alone free-standing displays, wall-mount displays, floor displays and rolling gridwall displays in retail stores, trade shows and even for your home garage! Grid panel displays are so versatile and can easily be rearranged to suit your product presentation. There are many grid hardware and accessories you can choose from, such as gridwall hooks in various sizes, grid baskets, waterfall, 5-Hook and straight arm hangrods, grid brackets to create shelves, grid sign holders, gridwall hangrail and hang bars, grid scarecrow displays, and more.

Gridwall panels can also be wall-mounted, placed almost anywhere as a free-standing grid panel using T-legs or L shaped grid legs, and you can also assemble grid panel triangle, gondola, and tower displays, gridwall gondola base, as well as slatgrid panels, mobile by mounting heavy duty industrial roller casters.