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Cash Wraps & POS Service Counters

Next to display showcases, cash wrap and point of sale service counters are among the most important retail store fixtures. Once your customer is ready to purchase their merchandise, it's imperative that the next few minutes of this last interaction leave a positive impression and encourage repeat visits (and sales!). So, it makes smart business sense that the cash wrap or check-out sales register counter be among the most well-designed and efficient retail fixture in your store. Utilize the check out counter area, it is not just a place to collect money and give out information, it is a place to continue to sell and increase your profit margin.

Display Warehouse offers several versions of cash wrap counters and point-of-sale service counters, from ready made to custom, from standard laminate melamine colors (black, white, gray, maple) to custom colors, whatever your particular retail needs are, we are able to satisfy them. Have questions? Give us a ring!