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Display Cases

Display Cases

Display Showcases & Service Counters

Display Warehouse offers a wide selection of retail display showcases to complement our full line of store fixtures. Some of our display showcases include economy showcases, custom display showcases, countertop showcases, and much more. Choose from a wide variety of styles and sizes, ranging from deluxe showcases to quick ship display showcases with lights, locks, and mirror.

Whether you're looking for glass display cases, display tables and pedestals, register stands, wall cases, or cash wraps, our extensive selection of display cases will ensure your storefront will be as unique as you are. Be sure to check out our other products, such as our gondola shelving to better display your items, or countertop displays to maximize your display space.

When you're on the hunt for San Diego store fixtures, Display Warehouse can help. Our extensive inventory features everything you need to create an eye-catching display and draw customers into your store. If you have any questions regarding our display cases for sale or would like to speak with one of our representatives, please call us today.

In Retail Display Cases Category

Economy Showcases - Full vision display showcases, two-thirds vision display cases, tower showcases, wall cases, cash counters, register stands, trophy showcases.

Custom Showcases - Full vision display showcases, half vision display cases, jewelry display cases, front opening showcases, extra vision showcases, Fineline towers, revolving towers, hexagon display cases, upright display showcases.

Quick Ship Showcases - Full vision display showcases with lights, locks and mirror ready to ship today.

Countertop Showcases - Counter showcases, upright counter cases, Fineline countertop showcases.

Cash Wraps - Cash wrap flat top, cash wrap with check writing ledge, cash wrap with raised check writing ledge and overhang, check out counter, cashwrap check stand.

Pedestals - Chrome mod fusion pedestal table, glass adjustable pedestal table.

Bases - Bases for our glass units, custom made bases.

Deluxe Display Cases - Custom display showcases, wall cases, museum cases, tower displays

Jahabow Showcases - Showcases made in the USA.