Scalloped White Tags (No String)

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Scalloped White Tags (No String)

  • Dimensions: 1-1/16"W x 1-5/8"H
  • White finish
  • Pierced hole at top to be used with barb of choice
  • Non-perforated, blank style
  • No string included
  • 1,000 per box
Add a little flair to your sales tags with our scalloped white tags with no string. Designed in a blank classic white finish, these scalloped tags are ideal for labeling your products with necessary information, such as price, style, number, even your brand!

The scalloped design is laser cut with smooth edges. These blank tags will not fail to lend extra finesse to your merchandise. Available only in white as a set of 1,000 tags per box. Crafted of cardstock material with no perforations other than the punched hole at the top to allow you to append your barb of choice: Tagging Barbs & Fasteners

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