Slatwall Acrylic 2 Compartment Tray 16"W


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Slatwall Acrylic 2 Compartment Tray

  • Dimensions: 16" W x 3" H x 4" D
  • Color: Clear acrylic plastic
  • Estimated weight capacity 4lbs
  • Fits majority of slatwall panels
Our slatwall acrylic 2 compartment tray is made-up of heavy-duty plexiglass and designed for specific slatwall displays. As an all-purpose tray, this versatile acrylic display allows you to feature countless items in a variety of ways. With its clear finish, you can blend any style retail decor and merchandise with style, ease and little concern.

Perfect for retailers looking to merchandise small or lightweight knick knacks such as candy, school supplies, hardware, cosmetics, toiletries, etc. Designed only for slatwall use and has an overall weight capacity of roughly 4lbs, including the tray itself.