Slatwall Acrylic Deep 1 Compartment Tray 12"W

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Slatwall Acrylic Deep 1 Compartment Tray 12"

  • Dimensions: 12" W x 2" H x 8" D
  • Color: Clear acrylic plastic
  • One-compartment tray
  • Two z-bar attachments for slatwall use
  • Fits majority of slatwall panels
Our slatwall acrylic deep 1 compartment tray is perfect for displaying merchandise of various sizes on slatwall, even on countertops and shelves. This tray can hold merchandise of up to 2 lbs. 

The single compartment allows you to group small trinkets together for that special sale or in-store promotion. The clear glossy finish will enhance your merchandising efforts, as well as lend a polished touch to the look and feel of your retail store. Use this tray as a single display or assemble a series of them side-by-side to effectively maximize your slatwall's display space.