Slatwall Deluxe Acrylic Shelf 16"W x 8"D


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Slatwall Deluxe Acrylic Shelf 16"x 8"

  • Dimensions: 16" L x 8" D
  • Color: Clear acrylic plastic
  • Estimated weight capacity 7 lbs
  • Fits majority of slatwall panels
Made of durable styrene plastic, this slatwall deluxe acrylic shelf is capable of displaying heavier items. With a flat surface and a clear finish, retailers of all sorts can use this shelf to display merchandise ranging from footwear to medium-sized sporting goods. Easy to install, this acrylic shelf will easily fit slatwall grooves with little to no effort.

The clear finish of this shelf will not hide merchandise from your customers nor distract your overall wall display. Perfect use for a variety of retail shops.