Slatwall Economy Acrylic Shelf 12"W x 6"D


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Slatwall Economy Acrylic Shelf 12"x 6"

  • Dimensions: 12" L x 6" D
  • Color: Clear
  • Acrylic - Injection molded styrene
  • Fits majority of slatwall panels
Our economy acrylic shelf is a popular way to display retail items with style and ease. Great for small products, you can also use this shelf for other product presentation needs. The acrylic density of this shelf has a slim thickness but it's durable, making it lightweight and easy to use, reuse and rearrange on your slatwall. 

This shelf has a flat surface and unpolished edges. The estimated weight capacity of this shelf is 2 lbs. Ideal for items such as shoes, small packaged goods, snacks, perfume bottles, cell phones, cameras, artwork, etc. Economically priced, this is perfect for any retailer!