Slatwall Panel Grey Laminate 4Hx8W

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Slatwall Panel Grey Laminate (4' x 8')

  • Dimensions: 4' high x 8' wide, with 3" on-center
  • LPM with grey laminate
  • Durable, economical and easy to clean
  • Inserts are not included
Bring your wall decor to life using this slatwall panel covered with a smooth laminate finish. The neutral grey is a medium tone and will gracefully tie in your merchandising creations with little effort. Highlight a variety of merchandise from clothing, footwear, sportswear and even automotive accessories! This slawall panel complements any style retail store and virtually any kind of merchandise.

Make the most of your products by featuring them appropriately on your calls. Check out our slatwall accessories here: Slatwall Accessories

(Shipped slatwall MUST be sent via LTL/truck with $50 pallet charge added to your order. Please call for a shipping quote).

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