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    Updated January 14, 2020



    While every effort is made to prepare our website as accurate as possible, manufacturing costs may go up or down after publication and pricing will adjust accordingly.

    METHODS OF PAYMENT: We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. WE DO NOT SHIP COD

    TERMS: We generally do not offer terms. However, we do make the occasional exception. Please contact for further information.


    SHIPPING: CUSTOMER PAYS ALL SHIPPING CHARGES. Please verify your shipping information carefully. We will need to charge for a change in address, service, or residence/commercial status if made after your order has shipped.

    • All shipments are shipped FOB from our location.
    • Display Warehouse, Inc. does not have control of freight rates.
    • We try to ship in the most convenient way possible, usually UPS or FedEx Ground.
    • When orders exceed UPS and FedEx Ground limits on size or weight, we then ship by freight carrier or common carrier.
    • Shipping charges calculated online during checkout are an estimate only. Actual charges will be added to the invoice.
    • Damaged deliveries must be reported to Display Warehouse immediately.


    FEDEX / UPS SHIPMENTS: All shipments will be shipped Fed Ex or UPS unless the weight or dimensions of the shipment require it to ship by common carrier or it is determined that shipping via common carrier is the most economical. Shipping charges calculated online during checkout are an estimate only. Actual charges will be added to the invoice. Damaged deliveries must be reported to Display Warehouse immediately.


    COMMON CARRIER SHIPMENTS: We will choose the most economical method. Unless other arrangements have been made all common carrier shipments will be prepaid and added to your invoice.

    All freight carriers deliver shipments to the closest point of your address. A standard freight rate does not include the driver helping to bring the items inside. There is an extra charge for inside delivery.

    If you can unload the shipment yourself, the standard freight rate requires you to take the items off of the back of the truck. If the items are too heavy or packaged in a way that makes it difficult to get the shipment off the truck, a lift gate can be used to get it to the ground and an additional charge will apply.

    A limited access delivery is a shipment that is delivered to a residence, church, school, construction site, or military base and there is an additional charge.

    Most truck lines do not call for an appointment before delivery. If an appointment must be made, there may be an extra charge. Requiring an appointment enables you to have people ready at the delivery time to help unload. It will generally add at least one additional day to the standard shipping time, though all freight carriers have average shipping times to various locations. These are based on the average of all their shipments to those areas. If you must have your shipment on a particular day and/or time, you must request a guaranteed delivery. If you need a guarantee, make sure you communicate that to your salesperson along with the required date and time. We will give you a specific quote for guaranteed services. The guarantee is for the additional guarantee charges. If the shipment does not arrive on the guaranteed day and/or time, you are refunded the guaranteed portion of the freight charges. The guarantee places your shipment as a higher priority for the freight carrier.

    Without a guarantee, the freight will most likely arrive in the average number of days that is standard for that freight carrier. But since the projected number of days for delivery is an average, it could take longer or be delivered sooner. You will not be eligible for a refund of any freight charges in that case.

    When receiving a shipment, you the receiver have the obligation to inspect and count the items within a reasonable time before the driver leaves. If damage or a shortage is discovered and you want to receive the shipment, you must note the delivery receipt "damaged" or "short" with the details of what is damaged or short. The driver must also sign the delivery receipt. Damaged and/or missing goods must be noted at the time of delivery and witnessed in writing by the delivery driver or it is considered concealed damage or loss after delivery.

    If you have received freight that is short or damaged you must call the freight company for a possible inspection and to file a claim with them. If you have refused all or part of a shipment, Display Warehouse will file a claim on the refused portion. In either case please Display Warehouse to help with the process and to enable a quick replacement of the damaged or lost items.

    Display Warehouse must approve any and all additional freight charges before delivery. The driver cannot approve of any extra charges such as inside delivery or lift gate. If these services are needed at time of delivery, it may delay your shipment until another day because the driver cannot get approval without calling their company and in return the freight line must call the shipper. This cannot be done at time of delivery.



    • No merchandise should be returned without a Return Authorization Number
    • Special orders, custom orders and used items are not returnable.
    • Merchandise drop shipped - Factory return policy applies.
    • Merchandise may be returned within 30 days of the invoice date with applicable restocking fees. Please inquire!
    • Returns must be in the original carton and packaging, and must be in new condition as determined by Display Warehouse, Inc.



    • RECEIVED VIA UPS OR FEDEX: When damaged merchandise is discovered after opening, IMMEDIATELY report the damage to Display Warehouse, Inc. DO NOT RETURN MERCHANDISE YOURSELF. Keep original carton and all packing materials.
    • RECEIVED VIA MOTOR FREIGHT: If delivered damaged, note the damage on both the driver’s copy and your copy, and have the driver sign both copies. YOU CAN NOW FILE CLAIM WITH THE CARRIER. If concealed damages are found, keep the carton and call the carrier for an inspection report. If we can be of any service to help file claims, call our customer service. DO NOT REFUSE OR RETURN DAMAGED GOODS TO DISPLAY WAREHOUSE.


    BACK ORDERS: IF OUT OF STOCK WE WILL BACK ORDER, UNLESS OTHERWISE REQUESTED NOT TO. Separate shipping charges will be billed with each shipment.