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    Economy Line

    Introducing our newest collection: Economy Line of metal fixtures. As an alternative to our Contemporary metal fixtures, our economy line includes affordable, knocked down (RTA) units with your choice of perforated metal or frosted acrylic paneling. The entire collection has an appealing metallic silver powder coating that will complement any type of retail environment or existing retail display. Select from 2-ways, 3-ways, and gondolas. Each fixture can be individually accessorized with our beautifully crafted hooks, hang bags, shelves, merchandising bins or faceouts. Get creative and customize your very own display according to your budget and needs! Call us at 1-800-842-5501 for any assistance!

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    6 inch Hook for Hang Bar
    Waterfall for Hang Bar
    24 inch Hang Bar
    Sign Header with Brackets
    Metal Shelf for Hang Bar
    Sign Holder

    Sign Holder

    24 inch Bullnose Shelf
    Adjustable Perforated Metal Shelf
    Merchandising Bin
    Storage Drawer

    Storage Drawer

    2-Way Rack Frosted Acrylic Panel
    2-Way Rack Perforated Panel
    3-Way Rack Frosted Acrylic Panels
    3-Way Rack Perforated Panels
    Small Gondola Perforated Panels
    Small Gondola Frosted Acrylic Panels
    Large Gondola Perforated Panels
    Large Gondola Frosted Acrylic Panels