Grid Gondola Base Only

Grid Gondola Base ONLY
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Gridwall Gondola Base

  • Overall dimensions: 49.5" L x 24.5" W
  • Available colors: black or white
  • Easy assembly
  • Gridwall panels sold separately
Also known as a 4-way, this gridwall gondola base accepts four 2 feet wide grid panels to create a dynamic and affordable retail display. Available only in black or white, retailers, pop-up stores and fair vendors can use this base to build an all-purpose merchandiser. Designed to be heavy duty, this base paired with grid panels can be used with an assortment of shelves, hangrails, faceouts, hooks, baskets, you name it!

Great for shops with moderate amount of selling space. This base measures 49.5" x 24.5," giving ample room for foot traffic between floor fixtures. And with 4 grid panels of display space, you can create a wide variety of merchandising possibilities!

Not recommended for casters.

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