Clothing Hangers & Hanger Accessories

Display Warehouse carries elegant and contemporary garment hangers ideal for your retail store. Choose from a wide selection of wholesale bulk hangers, including plastic hangers, wood hangers, salesman supply metal hangers and specialty hangers. Our shirt and coat hangers can be purchased in bulk quantities and essential when upgrading or expanding your clothing store. Browse our online inventory for heavy-duty jacket and suit hangers, shirt and blouse hangers, combo hangers for suits and skirts, security hangers for hotels, and much more. Our clothing hangers are durable, yet stylish and designed to effectively display your merchandise apparel.

At Display Warehouse, we pride ourselves on having a huge selection of retail store supplies for just about any type of store. If you run a retail clothing store or sell various apparel merchandise then you'll need a variety of ways to display your product attractively, yet efficiently. A great example of attracting your customer's attention is to display apparel on elegant wood hangers.

Whether you're looking for simple adult or children plastic clothes hangers, wooden hangers, or specialty hangers, Display Warehouse has the type of hangers you need. But it doesn't end there. We also offer a full line of store fixtures, such as brochure holders, acrylic countertop displays, service counters, security display cases, grid and slatwall merchandisers, and so much more as options to show off your store retail wares.

Our retail store supply line also includes bulk packaging, such as plastic bags, shopping bags, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, tissue paper and more. Need literature racks? We carry those, too. Purchase only the best-quality store fixtures for your business. In your retail store, every store fixture and displays, including clothes hangers, makes a difference when selling your product.

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  • Plastic Hangers - Plastic adult dress hangers, plastic child hangers, clear crystal plastic hangers, plastic combo blouse hangers with clips, heavy-duty suit hangers, plastic pant hangers

  • Wood Hangers - Wooden coat hangers, wood pant hangers, wood skirt hangers, wood suit and combo hangers, anti-theft hotel wood hangers, children's wooden hangers, flat hangers

  • Metal Hangers - Metal display hangers, metal top hangers with loop hook, non-slip metal hangers, lingerie metal hangers

  • Hanger Accessories - Shaper display hangers, hanger stackers, hanger retrievers, hanger slip covers, foam hanger covers, clear shoulder covers

  • Salesman Supplies - garment rolling racks, garment steamers, top hangers with loop hook, skirt hangers with loop hook, combo hangers with loop hook, lingerie hangers, non-slip hangers