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    Plastic Hangers

    Popular for their strength and durability, plastic hangers make a great and cost effective alternative to wood hangers. Our plastic hangers come in a variety of different plastic thicknesses, sizes, finishes and styles. We have children's plastic hangers, plastic dress hangers, plastic pant hangers and plastic combo hangers. All hangers are made of durable heavy-duty plastic to last you a lifetime. All accompanying hardware is made of solid metal to withstand constant retail use and dressing. Display your merchandise with style and affordability!

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    12 inch Children's Plastic Hangers
    17 inch Heavy Duty Plastic Dress Hangers Clear
    14 inch Heavy Duty Plastic Dress Hangers
    10 inch Children's Plastic Hangers
    14 inch Heavy Duty Plastic Pant Hangers Clear
    12 inch Children's Plastic Combo Hangers
    17 inch Break Resistant Hangers
    17 inch Plastic Combo Hangers