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    Slatwall Inserts

    Slatwall inserts are additives for grooves that give your slatwall a professional clean appearance and added durability to groove edges. Whether you want to improve slatwall panel groove performance for unmatched strength or add a pop of color for aesthetics, we have several options available for any slatwall paneling project.

    Factory installed aluminum metal inserts are recommended for additional weight bearing capacity (heavy-duty merchandise) and tighter tolerance. For budget-friendly finishing and light loads, we carry an assortment of do-it-yourself PVC snap inserts and vinyl strip inserts that you can easily install and customize to your liking - snap inserts and vinyl inserts are easy to switch out for quick updates to your wall display presentation. 

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    Slatwall Single Mill Aluminum Insert
    Slatwall PVC Insert Strips
    Slatwall PVC Color Snap Inserts