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The Online Advantage...
There are many benefits when you buy store fixtures and other products online, below we have outlined a few of the advantages!

All about YOU

Online ordering is available 24/7. You can order when you feel like it, browse as long as you like, and take your time looking through our various San Diego store fixtures, displays or packaging options available.

Written Confirmation

When your order is completed you immediately receive an email confirmation of the items you ordered. If you make a mistake, just press [REPLY] to the email, explain the corrections and we will correct it for you immediately. You will receive an email confirmation regardless of the size of your order, from one clothes steamer or a dozen display racks.

Fastest Service

Since online orders are printed immediately, your order is first in line, when our shipping staff arrives each day.

Easy Tracking

When we ship your order by UPS, you are sent a confirmation from UPS, which gives you up to the minute information about your wire racks and when it will arrive. Plus you can click the UPS tracking link in the email anytime for updates.

Thank You

Thank you for the support you have given us online over the past few years by purchasing your retail displays, retail supplies and store fixtures online. We value your business and are proud to say that our online customers have helped us to succeed online.

Custom Supply Orders

Do you continually order the same supplies from us? The same mannequins or the same display cases? We can provide you with a custom order form. Then, when it's time to reorder supplies, just enter the quantity required.